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We have recently received a 6-axis linear robotic welder designed specifically to integrate with our plasma-welding systems. When fully installed, this system will allow us to produce:
* High-quality tungsten carbide plate—including “chunky carbide” plate and wear pads.
* Tungsten carbide cylinders and pipe fittings.
* Stellite-type and SuperNickel coatings with entrained tungsten carbide.

With this integrated robotic system, we will be able to provide our customers with some of the most advanced wear surfaces available in the western U.S. for plate, pipe fittings, and cylinders.

Why should our customers care?
* In-house quality control of all plasma welding from plate manufacture to final on-site installation.
* Robotic welding precision and repeatability.
* Customized coating chemistries.
* Greatly increased coating thicknesses.
* Lower costs.

Some of our 2008 acquisitions include two Plasma Transfer-Arc welders, a Diamond Belt grinder, a 32” x 168” monster lathe, and upgraded dynamic balancing analyzer and software.