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If you own a Lockwood Air Cup Potato Planter, Extreme Industrial Coatings has developed a RocketValve™ upgrade for the valve assemblies that optimizes the vacuum distribution maintaining a near perfect vacuum for the entire rotation.

The RocketValve™ Upgrade Makes You Money because it minimizes the misses and double plants. Planting consistency is a big deal because it can make or break your bottom line.

The RocketValve™ Upgrade Saves You Money because the Rocket treatments significantly extend the life of the valve parts. We have over 200 stationary valves with the RocketCoat™ in service in Washington State. The earliest have gone through seven planting seasons in some of the most abusive soils you can find – namely Eastern Washington ash – and they have yet to show any sign of wear! The planting machines will likely be rust buckets before the valves are ready for replacement.

The Lockwood Air Cup Potato Seeder is a wonderful machine because it employs a great technology. The reason you chose this machine over a pick planter wasn’t because you wanted to spend more money on equipment – it was because you wanted a better return for your crop. And the Lockwood delivers just that. However, it is frustrating when, despite the great technology, you are faced with planting inconsistencies. This is where EIC saw the need and created a solution. We took this wonderful technology and improved upon it so that your investment in the RocketValve™ upgrade will bring you an immediate return on your investment – by making a great machine and a great idea even better and more efficient.

You see, the problem EIC has found is two-fold:

First, even if the valve parts were originally machined correctly, by the time the unit is assembled, the bowl is no longer round. We have found some to be elongated. When measuring, we found gaps between the bowl and the stationary valve as wide as 1/16th of an inch.

This gap is critical when adjusting engine speed for the vacuum fan – if the speed is too low, the tube will miss, and if the speed is too high, the tube will plant doubles. Our test client in Eastern Washington was running his tractor at 1800 to 2000 RPM to operate the potato planter. After the EIC RocketValve™ upgrade, he was able to throttle down the same machine to 1400 RPM, which is about the minimum needed to keep the tractor and implement running efficiently without stalling. This is a 23% – 30% reduction in RPMs, which represents a savings in fuel and wear on the tractor – all the while improving the efficiency of the planter.

The second problem EIC discovered is the surface metal on the stationary valve that contacts the bowl does not have a lot of wear life before needing replacement. On some Eastern Washington farms, they were replacing these every year. The EIC RocketCoat™ greatly extends the life of the valve. We have valves that have been operating for six years in some of the harshest, volcanic ash soils and they still do not have a scratch on them.

The Extreme Industrial Coatings RocketValve™ solution:

For the rotating valve, EIC will treat the plastic bowl to increase its life and usefulness. Then we machine the bowl so that it is true and round and has a perfect fit to the stationary valve. We re-machine all valve holes for perfectly fitting tubes and hoses. We create a new, round attachment plate which is perfectly flat and machine and align the bowl to the plate. We replace the OEM two-stage hub with a four-stage hub and a new Chromalloy shaft. This makes the assembly a very tight unit with a perfect fit.

For the stationary valve, EIC will machine the surface to a true round and a perfect match for the bowl. We apply a tungsten coating to a mirror finish and install a new, honed bearing, seal and dust cap.

So, you see the EIC’s RocketValve™ upgrade to the Lockwood Air Cup Potato Seeder will help you reduce your planting inconsistencies. This will make you money with increased efficiency while saving you money with reduced wear and maintenance. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

Call Jon today at 509-991-1773 to talk about your Lockwood Air Cup RocketValve(tm) upgrade.