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What We Do

Hyper-Velocity Oxyfuel (HVOF) “Mach 10 RocketCoat”

HVOF technology uses a small rocket engine to accelerate ceramic-metallic dust to several times the speed of sound. At these velocities, the powder impact fuses to steel or aluminum with bond strengths in excess of 10,000 pounds per square inch, and the coating provides 50 times more abrasion resistance than mild steel.

Typical applications:
* Fans
* Valve bodies
* Combine wear panels, concaves, etc.
* Augers
* Seed processing fans and wear panels
* Shaft seal surfaces

Plasma Carbide

A guy can do some pretty amazing things with a 36,000 degree plasma, such as welding true 60% tungsten carbide fine-grain coatings that are extremely impact and abrasion resistant.

These coatings have proven themselves to be far superior to ordinary hardfacing in mining, agriculture, and the oil and gas industry. Plasma carbide 3/8” thick has the same abrasion resistance as 7-1/2” of AR400 steel!

Common applications:
* Wear plates
* Ground-engaging implements
* Cast chrome points
* Mining
* Potato harvesting knives
* Hammermill fans

RocketFuse Carbide Coatings

We developed our proprietary tungsten carbide RocketFuse coatings specifically to provide thermally fused coatings for sprockets, but we’re finding more applications for these smooth, extremely abrasion resistant coatings. The tiny carbide particles are round, like bb’s, and the binder material is as hard as a bearing race and formulated for metal-to-metal wear.

Flamespray Coatings

With the most advanced flamespray equipment in the region, we can restore shaft bearing and seal surfaces for only a fraction of the cost of typical shaft replacement. And the choices of coating materials are extensive:

* Ceramics
* Stainless steel
* Nickel
* Aluminum Bronze
* Aluminum
* Zinc
* Babbitt

Cast Iron Repair

Cast iron components can be expensive to replace and difficult to repair. We have been repairing cast iron parts for years using plasma, SMAW, and sprayfuse equipment. A local Caterpillar dealer uses us as their repair shop-of-choice for their cast iron components.

Typical repairs:
* Transmission cases
* Final drive housings
* Pump cases
* Impellers
* Exhaust manifolds

Thermoset Polymers

Our long-chain polymers provide corrosion and abrasion protection in a variety of demanding applications Pump owners will like the cavitation resistance, too.

Complex Carbide Wear Plate

Premium tungsten, complex, and chromium carbide wear plates.  Custom cut, formed, and welded.

BoroPlate and BoroSpray

Boron carbides in a metallic glass matrix.  The latest development in wear control material science.

We also do dynamic balancing, welding and fabrication of wear parts.