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Our 6-Axis Linear Robotic Welder

We have recently received a 6-axis linear robotic welder designed specifically to integrate with our plasma-welding systems. When fully installed, this system will allow us to produce:
* High-quality tungsten carbide plate—including “chunky carbide” plate and […]

Wear Protection for Potato Harvesters

The knives on this two-ton-per-minute potato harvester are normally completely worn out at the end of a season—largely due to the destruction of the leading edges.
We coated the leading edges on all the knives with […]

Wear Protection for Potato Seeders

Potato air seeders have multiple, expensive wear points, including the air valves, fan, fan housing, and planting shoes. Our tungsten carbide RocketCoat and thermoset polymer coatings can help prevent catastrophic fan failures, such as you […]

Wear Protection for Rotary Mowers

We coated 84 mower blades for the largest grass seed producer in Oregon with 60% plasma tungsten carbide. The inserted photo shows one of these blades at the end of the 2005 harvest season. The […]

Wear Protection for Log Loaders

The front fork tips on this log loader in St. Maries, Idaho, used to wear out in as little as two weeks. The 3/8” of plasma tungsten carbide we applied to the fork tip protector […]

Wear Protection for Earth Scrapers

Earth scraper chain rollers suffer from extreme wear due to grinding abrasion.

Wear Protection for Hammermill Fans

Fans coated with RocketCoat tungsten carbide, which is 50 times more abrasion resistant than mild steel. We spot repaired the fan on the far left with spray fuse carbide.
We coated the worn upper-left fan with […]

There is No Substitute for Safety

With over seven years of in-house and on-site experience-including over 4,000 hours of on-site Confined Space Entry work, EIC has experienced only one time-loss injury. Every employee is thoroughly trained to perform their work efficiently […]