Extreme Industrial Coatings LLC

Pulp & Paper / Fiberboard

The paper, pulp, and fiberboard industries present compound wear challenges: not only is material being impact at high speeds, the material itself is highly abrasive, and it’s mixed in with corrosive additives.

We have developed solutions for costly maintenance problems that plague paper, pulp, and fiberboard plant managers.

For the last 19 years, we have been repairing, rebuilding, and improving critical paper, pulp, & fiberboard plant machinery including fans, blowers, mixing/blending teeth and shafts, impellers, and more.

Our machining capabilities allow us to not only build and coat components- we use state of the art balancing technology to dynamically balance them as well.

Fiberboard blender shafts and teeth suffer extensive damage. We have repaired multiple shafts like this one by replacing worn tool receivers, removing and re-applying new coatings, repairing bearing and seal surfaces, and performing dynamic balancing. 

GT Zesor glue blender arriving at our facility for a major rebuild, to include replacing the inner lower liners, and replacing the swing door upper locks.

The same blender being prepared for shipment.  New shaft bearings, new rotary water unions, rebuilt shafts and blender tools, rebuilt trap door gear box, and weld repairs throughout. 

The entire weight of this 35-ton rotary kiln rides on four trunnion wheels, as seen here.  The harsh operating environment eventually wear out the wheels, which in turn wear out the kiln tires.  The cast iron factory wheels are not rebuildable. 

Our solution to this severe wear problem can be seen below.

800-lb kiln trunnion wheels. The wear surfaces are overlaid with an alloy specifically designed to resist severe metal-to-metal wear, and—unlike cheaply made cast iron wheels—these are completely rebuildable.
This severely worn blower suffered from both severe erosion and stress cracking in its structural members. Our redesigned version of this blower not only provides excellent resistance to erosion, its stiffened main spider is better able to minimize the blade flexing that leads to stress cracking.

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