Extreme Industrial Coatings LLC


Our Services

Weld-less repair of cast iron surfaces

Our proprietary repairs of cavitated and corroded cast iron surfaces avoid the risks of cracking and warping associated with welding.

  • Tough
  • Well-bonded
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Machinable

V-belt pulley remanufacturing

We reclaim expensive, worn V-belt pulleys by re-machining the grooves to original factory specifications. For information on our patented Vulcan Grip® pulley treatment, click here.

  • Forage harvesters
  • Industrial equipment
  • Rock crushers
  • Mining machinery


Bearing & seal surface repair

We have repaired bearing and seal surfaces on over 1,000 mining truck wheel components without welding. All of the weight of these monster machines goes through our proprietary coatings, which have never experienced a field failure.

  • Mining truck spindles, wheel hubs, and brake components
  • Gear box shafts
  • Bulldozer pivot shafts
  • Wheel hubs

Fan fabrication & repair

We fabricate and repair fans using severe-duty blade materials, such as tungsten and complex carbides, amorphous alloys, and super-nickels.

  • Internal draft fans
  • Material handling fans
  • Suction fans
  • Dust collector fans

CNC and manual machining

Our machining capabilities include a stand-alone machine shop and a large-capacity horizontal lathe.

  •  Five manual lathes; the largest has a 32” swing with a 14’ long bed
  • Three manual mills
  • OD cylindrical grinder
  • Surface grinder
  • CNC Haas VF3 vertical machining center
  • CNC Haas HL4 horizontal lathe

Dynamic balancing

We have performed in-house 2-plane dynamic balancing since 2004.

  • Exceeds ISO G1.0 balancing standard
  • 5,000-pound capacity
  • 14’ length
  • Up to 7-1/2’ diameter overhung fans
  • We use the latest in laser balancing instrumentation and software

Tungsten carbide overlays

Our tungsten carbide overlays provide up to 50x more resistance to severe abrasion than steel.

  • Plasma-welded
  • Brazed
  • Impact-fused
  • Can apply some versions to a variety of base metals, including steel, cast iron, bronze, and aluminum

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