Extreme Industrial Fasteners

Extreme fasteners for extreme conditions.

Sever-duty wear doesn’t stop with your components themselves. The fasteners that hold them in place are subjected to the same hostile and abrasive conditions, causing them to wear over time. Worn fasteners are difficult to remove, but even worse, a severely worn fastener can fail in service– causing a component to loosen and chatter, or even detach, while in operation.

At Extreme Industrial Coatings, we have developed a cost-effective solution for this potentially extremely costly problem. Don’t wait until after your wear plate fasteners fail. Upgrade to our Extreme Industrial Fasteners and operate your machinery with confidence.

How do they work?

Most fasteners used in industrial applications are made of tempered steel. They have remarkable tensile strength- but very low wear resistance

We utilize a tungsten carbide coating process to protect the heads of these fasteners. Our specialized coating process creates a wear-resistant surface without embrittling the base metal.


Extreme Industrial Fasteners can be used in any application where wear resistance is a concern. Agricultural machinery, paper & pulp mixing shafts, equipment that operates in abrasive environments- these are all excellent applications for our wear-resistant fasteners.

Due to the massive variety of fasteners available, we quote each order individually. Generally, our protected fasteners are available for only 50% more than uncoated, bare steel fasteners.

Skid plate fasteners on off-road vehicles operate in highly abrasive conditions. (Image: wranglerforum.com)
For example: “1/4 coarse,” “1 inch NF,” “5/16 18 threads/inch”
For nuts, enter “0”.
For example: “1/4 coarse,” “1 inch NF,” “5/16 18 threads/inch”
For nuts, enter “0”.
To request additional types of fasteners, please list them here in the format shown.
Hex head bolts will be Grade 8 by default. If you would like Grade 9 is also available, please note that here. Socket head cap screws will be Class 12.9. Flat socket cap screws will be Class 10.9.