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Vulcan Grip

Belt slippage means lost power, wasted fuel, glazed belts, and costly repairs.

Even a “minor” 8% slip rate reduces power by 19%.

Costly pulley replacement used to be inevitable. Not anymore.

The mechanical belt drive was invented in China in 15BC. Belt slippage has been vexing engineers, farmers, and craftsmen for over two millennia.

In 2016, we patented Vulcan Grip® – the world’s first and only belt-friendly, ultra-hard coating for sheaves and pulleys that dramatically increases V-belt grip.

Pulleys coated with Vulcan Grip simply don’t wear out. Ever. And we put that in writing, with our game-changing Forever Warranty.

In most cases, the cost of having a pulley repaired and coated with Vulcan Grip is comparable to the cost of an uncoated OEM replacement pulley.

To learn more about the benefits and costs of Vulcan Grip, contact us today.

How Vulcan Grip saves you money:

  • More power = more production: Users have reported 10%-30% gains in productivity.
  • No excess heat = greater reliability: Belts last longer and bearings run cooler, saving you costly repairs & downtime.
  • Fuel savings: 800hp machines with Vulcan Grip pulleys consume 20-50 fewer gallons of diesel per day.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Belts run longer, and there’s no need to over-tension. Pulleys with Vulcan Grip simply don’t wear. 
  • Proven & guaranteed: Vulcan Grip is backed by five years of proven field success- and our unbeatable forever warranty.

What Vulcan Grip users have to say:

"I used to have to re-tension the paddle-fan’s banded belt every three to four days and had to replace the belt every season. Now I have three seasons—some 15,000 acres—on the same belt. And now I tension only once a year in the off-season. Vulcan Grip is fantastic."
Jim Nollmeyer
Owner, Nollmeyer Farms

Jim Nollmeyer uses a Case-IH Concord 2400 commodity cart for six crops- wheat, canola, sunflower, barley, mustard, and flax. 

"My machine was brand new. Yet, right from the get-go, the header belt just didn’t last. We could get 100 acres on a belt… maybe 300 if we babied the machine. After Vulcan Grip, not only did our belts stop smoking but we could also increase our ground speed 15 to 20 percent, which is a big difference. Now we get at least 1200 acres on our belts. Many companies in ag oversell and under-deliver. Vulcan Grip completely lived up to expectations… in fact, it actually exceeded expectations; that doesn’t happen very often nowadays."
Tom Weitzenkamp
Owner, Thomas Cattle Company

We back every Vulcan Grip pulley with our Forever Warranty.

We are so confident in our patented Vulcan Grip technology that we will warranty each and every pulley treated with Vulcan Grip for the lifetime of the pulley. Read more about our warranty at the link below:

  • Vulcan Grip® Forever Warranty (pdf)

Our Resume / More Information

For more technical information, see the following:

  • Vulcan Grip Tech Bulletin (pdf)
  • Vulcan Grip – Ag. Applications (pdf)
  • The True Cost of Belt Slippage (pdf)
  • Pulley Alignment (pdf)
  • Influences on Bearing Life in V-Belt Applications (pdf)
  • Notched & Synchronous Belts vs. Fabric-Wrapped Belts (pdf)

Vulcan Grip will redefine reliability & performance for your equipment. Request a consultation today:

With Vulcan Grip, the possibilities are endless:

The principles that make V-belt slippage so costly in an agricultural context apply to any system that utilizes a V-belt system to transmit power.

Systems including:

  • Concrete grinders
  • Rock crushers
  • Mobile pump systems
  • Automotive & powersports
    • Superchargers
      • Many supercharger kits for many classic GM (Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevy), Ford, and Chrysler/Dodge vehicles, among others, utilize V-belt drives.
    • Crankshaft pulleys
    • Centrifugal clutches