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Mining & Mineral Processing

EIC has coated hundreds of spindles- and none have failed in service.

Loaded mining trucks can weigh as much as 1,375,000 pounds, and any wheel bearing and seal surface repairs need to be world class.

Since 2008, EIC has been heavily involved in repairing close to 1,000 mining truck wheel group components for Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Terex machines—including the monstrous Cat 797. We have also built and repaired critical fans & blowers.

With thousands of surface and subsurface mining machine components in service, our repairs frequently outlast factory original surfaces several times over.

Our repairs have focused on:

  • Spindle bearing and seal surfaces
  • Brake anchor and piston seal surfaces
  • Wheel hub bearing and seal surfaces
  • Building & repairing fans and blowers


By eliminating the destructive micro-fretting that occurs between wheel bearing races and the spindle bearing surfaces, our coatings have proven to last at least three times longer than original Caterpillar spindle bearing surfaces.

Just as importantly, our spindle coatings have never experienced a field failure due to coating defects. The vast majority of our hundreds of coated spindles are still in service.

Brake Anchors & Pistons

Although our seal surface overlays are machinable with conventional tooling, they work harden to approximately RC50, thus ensuring a long wear life for these critical seal surfaces.

Anchor and piston seal surfaces need to play nice with the Teflon® seals that are critical to their operation, so we use carefully developed techniques to achieve the specific surface that these seals require.

Wheel Hubs

Repairing the bores of these massive wheel hubs presents special challenges for the rebuilder:

  • Many of these hubs are ductile iron, and welding weakens the iron base metal.
  • Welding induces serious stresses that can weaken and distort the bearing surfaces.
  • Traditional thermal spray coatings tend to delaminate due to shrinkage.

EIC has developed proprietary techniques to apply very well bonded, low-shrink coatings to the bearing and seal surface bores. Our wheel hub coatings have never experienced a field failure.


Our coatings eliminate the wear and degradation that plague OEM components. We use traceable quality documentation for all components, ensuring a predictable, consistent repair process.

Our Resume / More Information

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